Funeral Diner – Difference of Potential

Funeral Diner
Difference of Potential

Difference of Potential is Funeral Diner’s first full-length after a number of split 7″s with notable hardcore bands such as The Shivering and Dead City. While it is important to note that there is an ex-member of the almighty Portraits of Past in this band as well as members of Yaphet Kotto, Funeral Diner’s members easily stand on their own. They play a mixture of mid-tempo, mid- to early-90s style hardcore in the vein of bands such as Rites of Spring, Indian Summer, and Shotmaker.
“Syncope” starts with a cleanly strummed guitar before building into a frenzy of high pitched screams and wall of sound distortion. “Direct Hit” comes smashing down on you as if your face were being gnarled by a lawnmower. The intensity of this record is almost unbelievable as these musicians flail away through songs like “There Are No Todays Today, So There Will Be No Yesterdays Tomorrow,” “Chalk Angels,” and “Fire…Death.” One can only imagine how this band comes across live. Screaming, sweating, bottles breaking, keys jangling, and light bulbs in a damp basement fizzling out are all images that come to mind when listening to Funeral Diner.
One of the most rewarding aspects of Funeral Diner’s sound is that it is well produced but not overly done. The guitars sound full without getting blown out, and the vocals aren’t overbearing in the mix. The drums sound like a tightly oiled machine as they pound out the rhythm for every heartbreaking moment. There is even a song in which the guitars cut out for a few notes, and the bass does an interesting break before they come crashing back, seemingly louder than before, if that is at all possible. Essentially, this is the kind of music that could be the soundtrack to a nervous breakdown.