Benway – Long Drive to Rhome

Long Drive to Rhome

Benway is a three-piece from Fort Worth, Texas. The titular “Rhome” is a small town situated 27 miles north of Fort Worth, Texas. One of Benway’s songs is entitled “Long Drive to Rhome.” Now, I’m no Colombo, but I feel there may be some connection between these three facts. Maybe…but then again, maybe not.

Let’s consider the evidence. Exhibit A: distance traveled. Who apart from agoraphobics and those over the age of 85 think that 27 miles is a long drive? A long walk, maybe. A significant stroll. But a long drive…non. Exhibit B: there are approximately 551 people in Rhome. How many people turn out to see the average indie band in your neck of the woods? On a good night in a decent sized burg (say pop. 1 million), you might get about 300 people (I’m being generous) crammed into a piss-yellowed pit drinking flat ferment. A quick calculation tells us that 300 out of 1 is 0.0003%. That means that, in Rhome, you’d get 0.0003% of 551 people at your gig. This is a number less than one, though more than zero. What would it be like to play in that town? What would a riot at the gig look like? Here’s a quick Zen paradox: what is the sound of less than one hand clapping? You could say ‘just go to Rhome and listen to Benway play, mate.’ End of paradox. Lots of Zen monks pissed off.

Did any of that make sense? No? Well, what I’m really trying to say is that I’d rather spend my time thinking about the title of Benway’s track, than ever have to listen to it again. It’s well played and recorded, but is about as original as an action movie featuring two mismatched protagonists who learn to overcome their differences and become friends.