Archives for February 2004

Speed to Roam – Later Days

Speed to RoamLater Days If you're into non-poppy music that at times sounds kind of like Morphine, sometimes like a punked out Lowenstein-pinned Sebadoh, at others an early Butthole Surfers, maybe a spattering of some very early Sonic Youth minus the drumstick in the guitar, and all the while with lyrics recited more than sung in a Southern-fried … [Read more...]

Frank Jordan – Milk the Thrills

Frank JordanMilk the Thrills I threw on Frank Jordan's sophomore release, Milk the Thrills, and, boys and girls, I don't know which hit the ground first, my left cheek or my right! What's amazingly obvious is that the singer (this is a band, mind you, not a person named Frank) can really sing. I'm not talking urban yodeling, à la American … [Read more...]

Snapcase – Bright Flashes

SnapcaseBright Flashes Snapcase was mixing the sounds of Fugazi and Black Flag long before today's "post-hardcore" bonanza, and with the recent explosion of post-hardcore and emo-core into the mainstream media via Thursday among others, I wonder why Snapcase hasn't garnered more big media attention through the years. Perhaps it's because as the … [Read more...]

Malachai – These Sounds of the Spirit World

MalachaiThese Sounds of the Spirit World I've really been dreading doing this review for the simple fact that Malachai is, in all likelihood, the most schizophrenic band I've ever laid my ears upon. Musical schizophrenia can be a beautiful thing if all elements are mixed in proper proportions. However, Malachai prefers to keep its multiple … [Read more...]

The Darkness – Permission to Land

The DarknessPermission to LandPlease excuse my excessive use of the word "rock" in this review, but there's really no other way to describe The Darkness. Remember when "rock" bands used to be proficient at their instruments, wrote well-crafted songs, and actually had confidence? Frontman for The Darkness, Justin Hawkins, turns back time, exuding … [Read more...]

Benway – Long Drive to Rhome

BenwayLong Drive to RhomeBenway is a three-piece from Fort Worth, Texas. The titular "Rhome" is a small town situated 27 miles north of Fort Worth, Texas. One of Benway’s songs is entitled "Long Drive to Rhome." Now, I’m no Colombo, but I feel there may be some connection between these three facts. Maybe…but then again, maybe not. Let’s … [Read more...]

Jenesis – O Passageiro da Madrugada

JenesisO Passageiro da MadrugadaFluffing hell! It’s the Brazilian Stone Roses! No, surely it’s Beck, having a holiday in Rio de Janeiro? Hang on, hang on, I know a borrowed Stones riff when I hear it – its those Scottish reprobates Primal Scream, trying to get a tan? Right? Right?!? Wrong. It’s Jenesis, Rio de Janeiro’s favorite sons, comin’ … [Read more...]

Funeral Diner – Difference of Potential

Funeral DinerDifference of PotentialDifference of Potential is Funeral Diner's first full-length after a number of split 7"s with notable hardcore bands such as The Shivering and Dead City. While it is important to note that there is an ex-member of the almighty Portraits of Past in this band as well as members of Yaphet Kotto, Funeral Diner's … [Read more...]

Blonde Redhead – Misery is a Butterfly

Blonde RedheadMisery is a ButterflyForget everything you thought you knew about Blonde Redhead. The Sonic Youth comparisons are tired and haven't been apt since before Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons, which came out four years ago. It seemed that Blonde Redhead was on its way down a completely new path when disaster struck. The band had already … [Read more...]

Ozma – Spending Time on the Borderline

OzmaSpending Time on the Borderline I've been listening to Ozma for about three years now, since the band's first full-length album with Kung-Fu Records, Rock and Roll Part Three. And in the two following albums, these musicians have managed to successfully mature as a band, from Weezer clone to purveyors of unique and wonderful indie pop-rock. … [Read more...]