The Vexers – Gangland Ballads and the Death Sex Set

The Vexers
Gangland Ballads and the Death Sex Set

One calm day in Los Angeles, something odd was brewing. Two guys and a girl were having a conversation, and in my imagination, it probably went something like this:
Tres Warren (Guitar): Let’s start a punk band!
Michael Hammel (Bass): That sounds cool!
Jennifer Taylor (Vocals): Nah, let’s DESTROY punk.
Warren: That sounds like it would be hard.
Hammel: Yeah, but I’m a bass player who’s capable of dropping some sick bass lines. That could propel this band to heights unseen by most art-punk bands!
Taylor: And I can make some pretty intimidating sounds come out of my throat. My vocals may not sound like screams, but they’re still pretty harsh!
Warren: Well, I can play a wicked slide guitar…does that qualify to make us a punk band?
Hammel: SLIDE GUITAR? WHAT THE…We are not going to be a country band.
Warren: Lame, man, real lame. You’ve been underestimating the darkness and power that a slide guitar player possesses. I can make us sound even better than punk music. I mean, on songs like “T.K.O. Part Two”, I can sound like a train wreck with melody!
Hammel: That’s awesome! I’ve never heard about anyone who uses dark, demented slide guitar like that..that could be a very cool idea!
Taylor: It really could be! And then I can sing my sex-fueled vocals over it and make all men drool!
Hammel: I think you underestimate the power of my bass guitar. I will completely own this band’s sound if you let me play bass. In fact, I have a riff in mind that will rule the world (That riff later turned into the standout track “Love in the 22nd Century”).
Taylor: Yeah? Well you can just prove it!
They then: moved to Philadelphia, hooked up with a drummer, and recorded a debut album. After a while, they preceded to make another album called Gangland Ballads and the Death Sex Set, which is the album that realized every single line of my imaginary conversation (and is the one that is being reviewed here). It may not be the most groundbreaking piece of art-punk ever, but the Vexers have definitely established themselves as legitimate new-wave art-punks.