The Bellakun – Cantar Para Espantar la Soledad

The Bellakun
Cantar Para Espantar la Soledad

The Bellakun’s debut album is a large circle. From the lush opening piano to the last fading chord, all these songs virtually run together to create one long song. In fact, if you put the album on ‘repeat’ it will flow perfectly from the end back to the beginning, making an eternal loop of remorseful sound that’s extremely mesmerizing.
It works that way because of the type of music that is being played: lush, dreamy piano-rock soundscapes. The whole album is built around a piano core with the bass, guitar, drums, and vocals added to flesh out the sound. The band applies to the shoegazer school of vocals: they’re just another instrument in the mix. This is especially true on the opener “Gut Geruset, Fur Den Kampf, Gegen Den Westen,” where two vocalists mingle random vocal lines above the serene pounding of the rest of the band.
The most spectacular moment here is “Accumulated Moments,” where a seemingly angelic hum is played throughout the entire song at a constant volume, and the band uses dynamics beautifully to incorporate it into the song. Another brilliant moment is the haunting “Challenger (I’m Sinking),” which boasts the best piano line Coldplay never wrote and the most beautiful vocal performance present here.
You can’t really understand the Bellakun’s lyrics, but these mournful dirges aren’t really meant to be sung along with. This is moody, melancholic music, but if you’re in that mood, it’s perfect.