Snoozer – Winter Stops All Sound EP

Winter Stops All Sound EP

Winter Stops All Sound is, despite its title, a summery, sunny confection of an EP from the one-woman pop act Snoozer. Susie Ghahremani is the Providence, RI-based mastermind behind Snoozer, and she plays a variety of simple keyboard synthesizers along with appealingly lo-fi bass and guitar (Cara Hyde adds the occasional drums), also dubbing her voice over to create harmonies. On her own, Ghahremani does a fair impression of a whole twee-pop band, lending an occasional edge that reminds you of the Breeders.
The six-song EP comes in at just about 13 minutes on the nose, which reinforces the sense of a true pop sensibility: straight to the point, no gimmicks. Moreover, the songs are refreshingly free of the fey-ness of a lot of indie-pop, especially considering the “cuteness” of their sound. Indeed, the one misstep is “Sweaterweather,” with it plodding vocals and heavy, rubbery bass line.
The two standouts are “Labor Day” and “The Fuss,” the first and last track, respectively. “Labor Day” has a Californian sound, with its Rentals-like Moog synth and a whole chorus of Susies singing the layered backup vocals. It may be a perfect pop song. “The Fuss” continues the season theme that carries through the whole record, with lines like, “Hours counted by the records on repeat, in the heat,” calling to mind lazy, wasted hours of summer. It’s the EP’s only down-tempo song, making for a nice coda.
Winter… sounds predictably handmade, but it’s obvious that Ghahremani is an expert at home recording and knows her way around a 4-track. Actually, from all appearences, Ghahremani seems to be running the whole show, serving as everything from artist to producer to “shaolin drunken webmaster.” Fans of this kind of homemade pop goodness should check out Snoozer as well as Ghahremani’s actual band, Snuggletooth.