Rune – Split CD

Split CD

Another gem from Relapse, yet somewhat ironically, both of these bands are officially signed to Willowtip Records. I have had previous experience with both of these bands, but a lot has changed within these grinders, so this is going to be a relatively new experience for me too.
Kalibas, featuring ex-members of Lethargy, is first on this split. The band released its most recent full-length, Enthusiastic Corruption of the Common Good, just months before this split, yet somehow the band has managed to only keep two members. No matter, the necessities are there; fast guitars, even faster drums, and Patrick Murphy’s versatile vocal styling. Kalibas plays a surprisingly melodic brand of technical grind without sounding too cheesy. The guitars are impressive with their ability to go from blistering grind to slower parts at the drop of a hat. Expect lots of technical guitar interplay, brutal drums, and an impressive range of screams. Unfortunately, the boys in Kalibas have chosen to part ways recently. I really hate it when an up-and-coming group disbands shortly after they spark my interest.
Rune also has endured some line up changes since the band’s self-titled EP also. Original vocalist Austin Lucas was replaced with not one, but two other vocalists. One does a gritty midrange snarl while the other does an impression of a pissed off vulture. The seconds vocalist’s howls are particularly hard to get used to, but once you do they are pretty damn unique. In addition to the vocal changes, Rune added a second guitarist, which sounds awesome. There is tons of guitar interplay going on.
Being released on Relapse, you know the production is nearly flawless, and you know you can expect some top-notch grind. One thing I found odd about this release, however, is the insert. Rune chose to have its lyrics printed in the sleeve, while Kalibas elected to simply put in contact information. Seems like an odd move either way you look at it.