Johnnyrook – A Light in the Attic

A Light in the Attic

The best part about this song is its subtle yet undeniably lovely underlying foundation. Keyboards and acoustic guitar drift underneath the modern-rock structure of this song, and both are complex and compelling. Without those touches, this may just be another radio-friendly rock song, but that makes this a very strong song. The rhythm is another strong point. Driving yet complex and changing, the time signatures keep this from being another typical radio song.

That being said, the vocals – aggressive yet not shouting – remind me a bit too much of Creed, and the style of the song overall is not too different from a Creed or Nickleback. Maybe it’s the vocals or the aggressive electric guitar riff that give me that impression, but regardless, Johnnyrook flirts on this song with being a tad too over-the-top.

Another comparison would be Dredg, a major-label act I can’t help but enjoy. Dredg’s music is similarly powerful and unique at its core, but Johnnyrook doesn’t yet go far enough to share such comparisons with Dredg’s complex and moody rock. This is complex and moody stuff, to be sure, and it shows a band that I’m willing to bet has some fantastic music in them. Clearly these are talented musicians, after all, and maybe a full-length will prove they’re more than a radio-friendly power band.