Del Cielo – Wish and Wait

Del Cielo
Wish and Wait

Del Cielo is a young trio of ladies who have built names for themselves through their work in other projects. Drummer Katy Otto once played in Bald Rapunzel, and also recorded drums with Kathy Cashel, Gina Young, Stella by Starlite, and Homage to Catalonia. The remaining two ladies, Basla Andolsun and Andrea Lisi, met in Richmond and have since formed several projects of their own, but are now focusing the majority of their attention on this one.
The easiest way for you to understand the sound of this album is if you first picture your stereotypical independent “emo” band, complete with three or four very bland young men singing very bland songs almost entirely about love and loss and the ensuing heartbreak. Now, imagine those songs being played by three girls. This may sound like an abrupt and unfair summary of what the band is trying to pull off, but take a listen and you will be forced to admit that it is pretty accurate. From the predictable and uneventful lyrics, to the sounds of a scratching record tacked on to the beginning and end of a track or two, to the rather rough production quality, to the brief and wandering instrumental interludes carelessly tossed here and there, there is just too much on this album that has been done countless times before. But even if you strip it down to the bare essentials and focus on the real substance of the album (that, of course, being the actual songs and nothing else), there is still very little here to get excited about. Everything from the melodies and rhythms to the aforementioned lyrics just sound a bit tired and uninspired.
But it’s not all quite as terrible as it may seem. There are a few truly charged moments that offer little glimpses of hope, and these girls can really play the hell out of a song when they want to. Skip straight to “Reaction #1” if you need proof. On top of that, the vocals of Andrea Lisi are so drenched in emotion that you’ll sometimes catch yourself taking note of what she has to say, even if it seems like you have heard it all before. So Wish and Wait ends up being a bit of a mixed bag, but for a debut album from three people who have played in numerous other bands and are still trying to find the true sound of their latest one, it’s not a complete waste by any means.