Crestfallen – S/T EP


… Alright, so I just finished listening to this five-song, self-titled EP by Crestfallen, and I feel like my brain’s been hit by a friggin’ train. Seriously. Five original tracks, two covers, somewhere’s around 11 minutes of music … And WHAM! My head feels like the egg at the end of those “This is your brain on drugs” PSA’s that used to run during Saturday morning cartoons all those years ago.
This here is some pretty insane two-guitar hardcore, indeed. Brutality is the word of the day, as this band strikes quickly and fiercely with most of the material here. Heh … I use the word ‘material’ loosely, as one of the band’s original songs here is actually only six seconds long (which is just long enough for entire band to form a rousing chorus of the ‘song’s’ title, “Sucker Punks F@ck Off”). Yeah.
Surprisingly, though, Crestfallen’s got more to it than the typical chug-chug-chug-SKREEEEEEEEM hardcore act. First of all, even the most abraisive song components (i.e., all of “Backlashed”) have a nifty layered effect going on, since the two guitarists here tend to play different parts at times (and when the guitars do shadow each other, it’s still easy to pick both individual guitars out). Now, don’t get me wrong – this ain’t exactly meticulously structured, intricate stuff here. Yeah, “Early to Bed, Early to Rise Again” does feature a completely solid, way-unexpected rhythm-and-guitar arrangement with about a minute left, but man oh man, the two minutes before that is far more pummeling than anything else on the disc. Same goes for “Spread Bald Eagle,” which comes off as a heaping slab of abusive hardcore punk, despite a winding, grinding outro that sounds like some sort of homage to The Melvins.
While I do have to give major props for the choices in cover songs here (a full-band sing-along of Minor Threat’s “Minor Threat” alongside a more demure cover of The Cramps’ “Human Fly”), they seem to slightly taint the mood I got from the band’s five original tracks. Still, though, this is some surprisingly good shit, and that’s coming from a guy who thinks 99% of all hardcore is annoying as hell after two straight songs. “Early to Bed, Early to Rise Again” goes on my ever-continuing “Anthemic Songs for a Mixtape” list. Crestfallen = Good. Yeah. That’s that.