Brighter – Singles 1989-1992

Singles 1989-1992

In stark contrast to the bands most associated with the years 1989 through 1992, Brighter was a band specializing in all things twee (my description, not theirs). Brighter’s Singles 1989-1992 consists of 15 songs taken from various 7″, 10″, and CD singles first released over a decade ago.
“Inside Out” and “Tinsel Heart” both have a quiet, longing feel to them, which of course equals perfect soundtrack material for when you’re feeling delicate. “Things Will Get Better” is equally subdued, yet hopeful (hence the title, right?). “Noah’s Ark” and “I Don’t Think It Matters” both find Brighter, well, brighter and opening up the dense lo-fi sound of their earlier work. The more pop-driven sound comes together in the tightly wound center of “Does Love Last Forever?,” a track reminiscent of quite a few early-90s light alternative bands like the Lemonheads, et al. “Poppy Day,” “Half-hearted,” and “So You Said” stand as more documentation of a band growing in a direction a quarter turn away from where it began, picking up trumpets and bongos along the way.
“Killjoy,” “British Summertime,” “Hope Springs Eternal,” “Never Ever,” and “End” make up the last “single” collected here, and Brighter sounds as if it forgotten its pop past for good. Singles 1989-1992 a good collection of songs from a band whose members went on to bigger and, ahem, brighter things like playing in Trembling Blue Stars. Since the songs are in chronological order, from first single recorded to the last, the collection is also an interesting study in artistic evolution, and a must for pop obsessives. Skronky rock heads need not apply.