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Anti-Flag – The Terror State

Anti-FlagThe Terror StateI'll be straight with you. This is the first time that I have ever listened to Anti-Flag. With album sales numbering in the hundreds of thousands and high-profile tours with the likes of ex-FM radio giants Rage Against the Machine and hardcore-punk juggernauts Thrice and Strike Anywhere, as well as collaborations with … [Read more...]

Jolie Holland – Catalpa

Jolie HollandCatalpa In all of the generally accepted musical nomenclature common today, it's possible that no terms are more widely misunderstood than "folk music." Where they once inferred a culture and a way of life, representing the tradition whereby people lived with their songs and passed them down to their children as an expression of their … [Read more...]

Lying in States – Most Every Night

Lying in StatesMost Every Night More than a few bands have probably tried to release their best work late in the calendar year to ensure more consideration as music critics the world over - those writers of strange discipline and even stranger complexions - compile their annual top ten lists. Well, Lying in States has a much different battle plan. … [Read more...]

The Cansecos – S/T

The CansecosS/T The credits for The Cansecos' self-titled debut LP state that the album was "recorded between September 2000 and September 2002 in various bedrooms in and around Toronto." I live less than three hours from Toronto and listened to the album in my bedroom, which was a rewarding experience, with a lot of good songs, some great tracks, … [Read more...]

The Curtains – Flybys

The CurtainsFlybys Made up of members of Deerhoof, Natural Dreamers, and Open City, the Curtains create a style of music which could be described as a video game music soundtrack for a game designed for preschoolers where there are glowing mushrooms, smiling snails, rainbows, ladybugs, pots of gold, and nobody gets killed. Sounding like if Brian … [Read more...]

All the Dead Pilots – Steady Not Static

All the Dead PilotsSteady Not StaticNamed after a William Faulkner short story, Baltimore's All the Dead Pilots return with their second release in as many years. Steady Not Static is a cool mix of punk, pop, and rock that is both inventive and crisply original. Great harmonies mesh sweetly with crunchy guitar, bass and metronomicaly askew drums to … [Read more...]

The Blue Series Continuum – Good & Evil Sessions

The Blue Series ContinuumGood & Evil Sessions The Blue Series Continuum is an interesting idea for a musical group. The concept centers on a revolving cast of musicians and an ever-changing shift in style from album to album. The first Continuum effort features jazz heavyweights William Parker (bass), Roy Campbell (trumpet), Alex Ludico … [Read more...]

Raising the Fawn – By the Warmth of Your Flame EP

Raising the FawnBy the Warmth of Your Flame EP The Canadian band Raising the Fawn recorded a full album and readied to release it when half the band quit, leaving the remaining members - bassist/vocalist Scott Remila and guitarist/vocalist John Crossingham - unwilling to release an album without touring to support it and unsure what to do. … [Read more...]

Death Cab for Cutie – Transatlanticism

Death Cab for CutieTransatlanticismThe secret's out on indie-pop darlings Death Cab for Cutie. Embraced by indie fans and more mainstream outlets alike, with good reason, Death Cab has released three strong albums and a handful of EPs, not to mention some side projects such as The Postal Service. The band is forming the kind of cadre that new and … [Read more...]

Lamont Skylark – Love Poems and Fight Songs

Lamont SkylarkLove Poems and Fight Songs As a Southerner recently exiled to New England, I've seen more snow in the last eight days than in the rest of my 26 years combined. When the great white dunes of snow that cover the sidewalks and parking lots grow gray and hard, like sand at a volcanic beach, and when the slush and sludge soak through the … [Read more...]