Melk the G6-49 – S/T

….Ambience, metal, fear, corruption, distortion, bass, hum, random background voices, thud, drums, crash, escape…. “Hmmm……” best sums up my thoughts on Melk the G6-49. It’s a bass-and-rums duo, but it’s not just bass and drums. The band uses lots and lots of noise samples in their music too. Oh yeah, there are no vocals to get in the way.
The first track (“How Foolish You Are”) is soft, nearly ambient, and had me thinking, “Yeah, it’s cool… but what do you do with this?!!” It feels like it’s trying to be chill music, but strangely, I couldn’t relax during the song. I found out that you can’t relax cause they don’t want you to. The band keeps you uncomfortable, then drags you into a whirling, painful-to-the-ears smash-up of metallic screech and protest on the eight-minute epic “Philistine Camp.” From soft to loud to average to REALLY loud to soft again, this song personifies the album and everything on it. John S. supplies the most chaos: clean bass playing, distorted bass crush, odd noises that couldn’t have possibly come out of the bass, even high-pitched squeals that have no place on a bass. Suffice to say, the first half of the duo has his hands full.
On the second half, the percussionist extraordinaire Karl H., plays with similar variety: quietly, ferociously, conventionally, inconventionally (as in the seemingly unrepeatable 15-second drum intro to “Apollyon”), and all styles in between. The best songs the duo composes are the last two: “Eight Number of New Beginnings,” which features ominous, plodding reverberation that creates a dangerously paranoid mood, and the all-out “Whoever Knows God,” where the drums go nuts and the bass plays its most note-intensive riff of the entire album. Just hearing the drums freak out nearly constantly throughout “Whoever….” is worth the cost of the album.
Together, Melk the G6-49 makes a wall of sound so dangerously unconventional and label bending that slapping a label on this feels like going out and stomping around in an unbroken field of snow. It’s just sacrilege. This album takes the cake on weirdest things I’ve heard this year, but it’s also quite spectacular, in the fact that this much expertly-created noise could be made by only two guys. Definitely one that anyone acquainted with “loud’ music should check out.
….Apocalypse, run, whispers, glory, heavy, cymbals, chaos, bam, fuzz, power, this is what it feels like, slam, whirr, airy, light….