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Small Life Form – One

Small Life FormOne Small Life Form's album One has been the single most unique listening experience of my life. It has no contemporaries, no peers. It is in a class all its own. This is because it is also one of the most bizarre albums I've ever listened to. Comprised of seven tracks, One is nothing more than an intense sonic project (in the most … [Read more...]

BUM (Bohjass Upas Militia) – Derriere…pourquoi?

BUM (Bohjass Upas Militia)Derriere...pourquoi? Seventeen musicians, five live tracks (the shortest clocking in at just under 9 minutes), one stage on fire, and an uncredited number of dwarves and pot-smoking grandmothers howling cheers from the crowd - welcome to the BUM, or Melbourne's Bohjass live. And dangerous. And mad. Bohjass has never … [Read more...]

Milton Mapes – Westernaire

Milton MapesWesternaire The sound of the new Milton Mapes record (Milton Mapes is a band, not a guy, it turns out), Westernaire, is closest to the pop-country of The Jayhawks, and singer Greg Vanderpool's voice has a similar reedy quality to the old Louris-Olson harmonies. Taking away from that slightly is the heavy-handedness of some of the … [Read more...]

Mice Parade – Obrigado Saudade

Mice ParadeObrigado SaudadeAs proven in 2003 by Brokeback's brilliant Looks at the Bird and HiM's enlightening Many in High Places are Not Well, the positive progression of America's premier post-rock operations has not come via ploughing further into abstract terrain but more from mining the infinite and universal power of melody. A process … [Read more...]

The Apes – Baltimore – The Ottobar, MD – 2003-12-18

The ApesWhere: Baltimore - The Ottobar, MD.When: 2003-12-18“Who else here thinks that skate-punk is dead?” Mudhoney’s lead guitarist Steve Turner queried the sweaty, salty clot of Baltimorians that lay sprawled before him. “Then consider this a skate dirge,” he added, streaking his fingers down the neck of his red Fender, eliciting a filthy shriek … [Read more...]

Stereo Total – Oh Ah / Monokini

Stereo TotalOh Ah / Monokini First of all, it must be noted that for whatever reason, Franco-German electropunk duo Stereo Total thought it would be a really good idea to cover the seminal KC and the Sunshine Band song, "Get Down Tonight," on their 1996 debut LP Oh Ah. Normally, I'm all for covers - I think it showcases a band's roots, its … [Read more...]

Menomena – I am the Fun Blame Monster

MenomenaI am the Fun Blame Monster I Am the Fun Blame Monster...or an anagram for "The First Menomena Album"? Album art...or flipbook? Beat-heavy glitch pop...or fiendish plot to reinvent pop music as we know it? Hmmm. Portland's Menomena have definitely made a splash in the kiddy pool that is the indie-rock world, which is relevant because … [Read more...]

No Through Road – Monkey on a Rock

No Through RoadMonkey on a RockNo Through Road is a solo outing by some Australian gent who goes by the name of Matt Banham. The output on his solo debut is a confused and muddled grouping of the lo-fi, the tortured, the loud, and unfortunately sometimes the boring. What I'm most thankful for when listening to this disc is that the first track … [Read more...]

Latitude Blue – Searching for Perfect EP

Latitude BlueSearching for Perfect EPI could have a 10-minute conversation with a fellow music junky and throw about terms like post-emo indie, slowcore shoegaze, tripped-out post-rock, etc., and the casual observer would think we were speaking a foreign language. You can call this melodic post-emo indie, as the band does, but what the fuck does … [Read more...]

Bobby Birdman – Heart Caves

Bobby BirdmanHeart Caves Armed with a computer-generated orchestra and one of the most soothing voices ever, Bobby Birdman* has kicked out one hell of an EP. While some may find Heart Caves a tad "experimental," there can be no disputing its catchiness**. From brooding laments to swinging odes, Mr. Birdman can do it all, which should come as no … [Read more...]