This Day Forward – In Response

This Day Forward
In Response

At the albums open, broken guitar backgrounds bounce to snare pops in muffled back rooms and explode in a ferocious condemnation of middle America and the naivety and self-deprecating tendencies of the green suburban constructs.
Swooning through the chorus, the singer reflects that “we’re preserving ourselves deep down into our shells,” speaking on the frustrations regarding suburban shut-ins and how they are plunging themselves into a psychological and social ice age. As he says, the swarm is waiting at the front gates and our white picket defense system wont hold much longer, it will collapse and dissolve under its own weight.
This Day Forward has truly be revitalized by the new guitar section featuring Brendan Ekstrom and Vadim Taver. Not to diminish the potency and revolutionary nature of their past three highly acclaimed records, but these two individuals have really contributed a fresh breath of life into this underexposed outfit. Straying from the more hardcore tendencies of past releases, TDF embraces the musicians’ talents in melody and really exploring new horizons.
Finally finding success, one of the facets of TDF that really sets the band apart from contemporaries is vocalist Mike Shaw’s staggering vocabulary. Also of focus are the subsequently stunning visuals of collapsing infrastructures fraught with suburban warzones, scorched corporate plazas, and ships lost at sea. With a tongue lashing teeth like graceful brushes, TDF paints an overwhelming portrait that utterly engrosses you in the sonic journey of 2003.