The Planet The – Physical Angel

The Planet The
Physical Angel

What the hell is going on here? Did he just say something about “peeing my pants” and “touching me in my sleep”? Do they think this is a joke, or is this supposed to be taken seriously? I am so deeply confused.
These are just a few examples of some of the first things that popped into my little brain as I plopped The Planet The into my portable CD player and stuck the headphones in my ears. The confusion continued throughout the entire half hour of listening, as well as throughout my thoughts and dreams for the following day or so.
New-wave art prog-punk might be the best way to describe this thing, as the album at times comes off sounding like some bizarre love child of Devo and Fugazi. But it is all thoroughly confusing, because the band refuses to be pigeonholed and refuses to sit still for one damn second, denying anyone a chance to try and digest what is being done here. One track is built around nothing but distorted vocals and some of the most wildly synthetic sounds you’ve ever heard, while the next is constructed of a spastic rhythm section rocking out as quickly and as heavily as it can while guitars squeal and incoherent voices wail away. And yet this album doesn’t strike you as the sort of quirky and ironic dance music that several more popular bands are churning out these days in an effort to be “hip” and “retro.” Instead, these guys seem to actually be doing what they want to do rather than what the trendy kids want to hear. It just so happens that what they want to do is really quite strange.
You’ll want to dance, but you’ll also want to bang your head. You’ll want to slam all around the room and destroy things in your path, but you’ll also want to hold your lighter in the air and sing along. You might think this is the most crazy and innovative thing you’ve ever heard, or you might just want to cram pencils into your ears so you don’t have to listen anymore. Either way, this isn’t an album you can listen to without having it cause some sort of reaction, good or bad.