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Del Rey – Darkness and Distance

Del ReyDarkness and DistanceThe best advice anyone can give you in regards to this album is not to attempt listening to it unless you have a bit of free time on your hands. The shortest track is over five minutes long, and the longest stretches out for more than nine. But it isn't just a matter of having the time to sit down and actually listen to … [Read more...]

The Lucksmiths – A Little Distraction EP

The LucksmithsA Little Distraction EPThe Lucksmiths are back. On their new EP, A Little Distraction, listeners are given everything they've come to expect from the Aussies. Added to the mix (glockenspiel, guitar, drums, bass) are two guests, Craig Pilkington and Richard Herbert, on additional guitar and piano. The result? A much richer and fuller … [Read more...]

Lazarus – Songs for an Unborn Sun

LazarusSongs for an Unborn Sun Ever had an encounter with a person who insisted on exposing every single one of their flaws to you? Ever had to listen to someone as they droned on and on about the subtle shades of grey their depressed and one-dimensional emotional life is colored with, all the while inching closer and closer to you with a total … [Read more...]

Over the Rhine – Ohio

Over the RhineOhio The double album - for many it's the crowning moment (or is intended to be) of an artist's career, one great encapsulating moment that summarizes, extends, and perfects everything that the artist has done in his or her career. Next to the concept album, it's probably the project that comes loaded with the most potential for … [Read more...]

Mood Elevator – Married Alive

Mood ElevatorMarried Alive Chris Plum and Brendan Benson, the heart of the quintet Mood Elevator, have chosen to open up Married Alive with a funny verbal introduction. One of the guys jokingly declares, "Dude, come on don't get silly," and that sentiment of not taking anything too seriously but putting forth sincere effort in writing and playing … [Read more...]

Kid Icarus – Maps of the Saints

Kid IcarusMaps of the Saints David Pearce has had a nice little career. The driving force behind an English psych-drone outfit, Pearce has built his reputation on his understated prolificacy, and a solid catalog. Despite several fantastic releases - including FSA's stunner debut, Rural Psychedelia - Pearce remains mostly anonymous, even on the … [Read more...]

Arab on Radar – Queen Hygiene II / Rough Day at the Orifice

Arab on RadarQueen Hygiene II / Rough Day at the OrificeAfter four full-lengths, four seven-inches, and four compilation appearances, Providence, RI's Arab on Radar officially broke up due to "irreconcilable differences" because "these differences have compromised the creative process." However, the record label Three.One.G has put two of Arab On … [Read more...]

Joe Mannix – White Flag

Joe MannixWhite Flag New York City underground artist Joe Mannix has crafted a folk-pop jewel with White Flag, his third album as a solo performer. Don't confuse him with the TV character Joe Mannix played by actor Mike Connors, which ran from 1967 to 1975 on CBS. That Mannix was a rough-and-tumble loner with his heart on his sleeve and a loaded … [Read more...]

Carrion – The Crime of Idle Hands

CarrionThe Crime of Idle Hands Carrion is a band I've actually had the pleasure of seeing live when the group opened for the Hidden Hand at the Ottobar in Baltimore a few months ago. It was my first trip to the Ottobar, and I'll fully admit I was there to see the Hidden Hand, Scott "Wino" Weinrich's (of Spirit Caravan, Obsessed, and St. Vitus fame) … [Read more...]

North Sea Story – Rebuilding Season

North Sea StoryRebuilding Season What started as a full band of friends in the Brooklyn area has, oddly enough, turned into a sort of one-man project and a collective of friends. It could be enough to dissuade any musician from recording, but Chris Standish (aka Dish) has plowed on as North Sea Story, enlisting as many as 12 friends to accompany … [Read more...]