Ambulance LTD – S/T EP

The latest entry in the “Great New York Band Signing Lottery” is the Brooklyn-based quintet Ambulance LTD, which delivers a solidly crafted nod to modern rock’s potential for melding a few decades of wildly disparate musical influences (60s psych, 70s rock, 80s pop, and 90s shoegazer) into a compelling and cohesive new whole on this five-song EP.

From the Sea and Cake cool of “Stay Where You Are” to the distortion and dissonant drone in “Helmsman,” there’s something here for every indie taste. “Primitive (The Way I Treat You),” meanwhile, is the best track on here. With a semi-spoken Lou Reed-esque vocal and unlikely but catchy refrain of “Relax! Don’t think about the way that I treat you.” Third track, “Heavy Lifting,” is the weakest song, but it’s still an interesting mix of influences, ranging from Moe Tucker to Sonic Youth. “Helmsman” is melodic, romantic and also slightly drone-rock influenced with dark, tremolo-y guitar bursts. “Young Urban Professional,” is a pretty, jazzy pop sound like Yo La Tengo at their most direct, before it billows out into something a little more epic as it progresses.

Ambulance LTD’s sound is multifaceted yet concise, wonderfully mixing all the best of current trends with influences of the past.