A Life Once Lost – A Great Artist

A Life Once Lost
A Great Artist

When do death metal and hardcore bands with all their dreary prophesizing, overt politicking, spastic releases of aggression, and even sometimes flamboyant masturbatory guitar solos become parodies of a genre? At what point does a band cease to elicit the intended response of empathy or aggression and only produce a laugh or wry smirk. A Life Once Lost attempts to steer clear of answering those questions with their debut album for flagship label for all things hard, Deathwish Inc.
So despite the detriment of a ridiculous name (that is a parody of the genre in and of itself), A Life Once Lost succeeds in making an album that surpasses the benchmark of laughable but falls short of the above-average tag as well. The vocals are delivered in the gruff style that sounds like a vicious barking dog, and the pounding and brutal music seems very conducive to this delivery. A Life Once Lost has the formula for this style down. Their philosophy seems to be impact through full out sonic assault. If that seems like your thing, then buy this CD, and listen to it over and over, reveling in how many brain cells repeated listens have killed.
Adhering strictly to this musical blueprint, however, has some drawbacks. When it comes to mixing it up a bit, the group is generally lacking. There isn’t much in the range department vocally or musically. It all appears to be pretty straightforward metal/hardcore. So the group and vocalist never really get to show if they can prove themselves as innovators, with more dynamic range and skill. The farthest the groups seems able to delve is into more straight ahead metal territory, as with “…In Anything Under the Sun” or the Slayer-esque guitar solo in “Pious.”
So fans of this genre may really take a shine to this disc, as it probably resembles most of what’s already sitting in their collections. Nine tracks of aggressive head-banging could prove delightfully cathartic. Conversely however, the nine songs of unvaried growling and noise can be proven to induce a splitting headache.