The Lovekill – S/T EP

The Lovekill

This is the debut EP from this four-piece that was formed in Cleveland, Ohio, of all places. The music here is clearly influenced by some of the legends of the post-punk idiom of music, yet is also rooted in the sounds of early hardcore and punk as well. The rhythm of these songs is very strong and propulsive, which really highlights the power and force behind the tunes. These songs share an air of familiarity yet still have their own sensibilities that separate them from bands of the past.
This disc starts off with a jarringly fast and powerful tune that has some very muscular guitar and tough rhythms in “Broken Records.” The guitar playing has a tough and nasty rhythmic feel to it that compliments the spitted lyrics by the vocalist/guitarist Rager. This song owes a good debt to bands like Hot Snakes or Rocket From the Crypt, as the Lovekill clearly gets the strong and forceful moments of those bands perfectly on this occasion. The passion and intense fire provided here is quite an accomplishment, and the song has the ability to pull you into its forceful hold. The rest of this EP doesn’t quite live up to the sheer force of the leadoff track, but it still has its moments.
The musicians of the Lovekill have quite a grip on the whole garage-punk sound, and the band pulls it off beautifully. Some of this stuff is just a sheer joy to hear if you are a fan of this sound, though it’s not revolutionary it’s quite a wonderful start for a young band. Rager’s vocals are a little bit of an acquired taste, as he sings/slurs in the art-punk fashion that many listeners will probably already be familiar with. Sometimes these songs rely a little too heavily on the band’s influences, and occasionally the music becomes slightly paint-by-the-numbers, but this happens so infrequently that when it does it’s totally forgivable. The members of the Lovekill certainly have quite an accomplishment on their hands, as these songs are just a pleasure to hear. I really hope that there is more to come, as it would be a downright shame any other way.