The Graves Brothers Deluxe – Filter Feeders EP

The Graves Brothers Deluxe
Filter Feeders EP

The members of Graves Brothers Deluxe are those old heads that occupy the dark and smoky rock clubs, watching trends come and go over time, rarely raising an eyebrow to the supposed next big thing that takes the stage. They are detached from cool, the anti-hipsters. Perhaps they know more about rock and roll and have seen more rock than anyone. They are the ones with a drink and a cigarette in hand and with a cynical outlook. They’ve been around, and they are not affected by what’s new and a passing fad, which is perhaps why Filter Feeders has a timeless and eclectic feel.

Filter Feeders is an equal mix of post-punk energy and rock-and-roll attitude. It’s at times energetic and at other times complacent and lazy. It recalls the “fuck it all I don’t care” attitude of The Stooges. However, it’s not only the attitude that the band cops from Iggy, it’s the music too. “Right as Rain” sounds like some Funhouse-era rock; the only thing that is missing is Iggy’s frenetic energy and vocals. “And Then the Conversation Turned to Sex” is a lazy, psychedelic instrumental.

“Raw Stinking Beauty” is a more punk number that seems familiar, like something Mike Watt might have done during his Minutemen days, with the one exception being the song length. Switching gears, the trio covers a Mexican song, “Munequita Negra.” Naturally, it inherently differs from the other tracks. But the group adds its own touch by using a dirty and dark guitar riff as accompaniment to the lazy alto sax lead.

So what you have here is a band that’s been around and has an affinity for the past era of rock music. It’s not altogether an uninteresting EP. However, it’s not that enticing either. The group seems more bent on reconstructing the past than looking toward the future.