Evening Lights – Landscape EP

Evening Lights
Landscape EP

Evening Lights is a wonderful little of gem of a band. Turns out Rice-a-Roni is not the only treat in San Francisco, as this band plays infectiously catchy pop tunes in the vein of bands like The Sundays and The Innocence Mission. The band utilizes guitars that chime and intertwine and has a knack for subtle ambience. The vocals are sugar sweet and yet remain relaxed and calm. This is the perfect music for a lazy fall afternoon along side a glass of ice tea. Landscape is a five-song EP that gives the listener a brief taste of this lovely form of intricate pop.
Things start off amazing with “Telephones & Traffic Lights,” which is beyond catchy and filled with lovely hooks. Adding to the brilliance is a nice layer of xylophones that give it such a relaxed feel. The vocals are gentle, yet sung in such a positive and uplifting way; the chorus of this song will be stuck in my head for days. The song as a whole remains simple, but it works really well. “Landscapes” is filled with lush acoustic guitars and serene angelic vocals. The quintet throws in a lot of chiming guitars as well, alongside an almost jazzy element that is quite relaxing. The music flows with the grace of a falling feather.
“Phedra” has some nice use of guitars with tremolo effects and is a straightforward pop song. While not as bright as earlier moments on the record, the song is nice enough. “In a Day” recalls some of the moments of The Rocking Horse Winner and features some nice guitar work alongside some nice vocal harmonies. While not nearly as the first track on the record, it still remains enjoyable. “Starless” closes thing out with the most laid-back number on the record. Gentle guitars flow smoothly like running water and continue the group’s calming effect. The chorus remains catchy as well and, backed by intricate little clean guitar parts with nice riffs, it ends things nicely.
While Evening Lights is certainly nothing innovative or genre-bending, the band does what it does very well. If you’re feeling a bit down lately and need a quick pick-me up, a stress reliever, and a serene sense of relaxation, Landscape makes for the perfect medicine.