Cat on Form – Structure and Fear

Cat on Form
Structure and Fear

So the kids are supposed to be the future. That’s all you hear about growing up from teachers and parents and stuff. “You’re the future!” they trumpet gladly, boisterously, sincerely, and sometimes a bit worriedly. Whitney Houston even sang about it in one of her melodramatic pseudo-soul pop songs. The truth is, most kids – heck, most adults – don’t have a wide enough vision of the world for that phrase to reassure me very much. The list of living adults I would trust to run the free world starts with Ralph Nader and ends somewhere around Ian MacKaye. There’s only one name in between those two. The list of young people I would trust to run the free world is even shorter. But I might revise it to include the fine folks from Cat on Form.
The band’s recently released long player, Structure and Fear, is full of songs that detail dedication to hope, an endearing humanistic brotherly love of mankind, disgust for the way our lives are bought and sold in malls and corporate offices, the foisting of capitalism upon us in the name of pop culture, and a passion for expressing views through supercharged melodic emo. The band goes for broke on every song without fail. That doesn’t meant that each song features heavily distorted and brutal downpicking over a machine gun beat. It means the musicians bare their souls on all 12 tracks of this CD. Each song expresses their desire and dedication to leaving their hearts on their sleeves with defiant faces, strong minds, and hopeful hearts.
Musically they swing from classic hardcore brutality with yelling/screaming vocals to very enchanting indie-rock and post-punk-styled tunes. No matter what they do, they bring enthusiasm and earnestness that’s not only apparent but appealing. Some of the standouts include “Rock and Roll Song,” “Blood Drained,” “Broke a Nail,” “Broken Dialogue,” and “Mr. Spotlight.” This quartet of Brighton, England’s finest deserves your attention, and the ideals the musicians profess deserve your allegiance. What do you want your future to look like? It can look like Cat on Form, or it can look like Britney Spears. Choose now and choose wisely.