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Softer Than Yesterday – Burning in the Ashes of the Revolution

Softer Than YesterdayBurning in the Ashes of the RevolutionI was liking this song for the first 15 seconds or so, but then the loud guitars come in and then the limitations to the production are made all too clear. Then I’m wishing some other song was on. The guitars are hollow and flat - and so are the vocals. It’s just not there with this … [Read more...]

Northvia – Mya

NorthviaMyaMore atmospherics come in the form of Northvia, and this one ain’t bad either. There's some great sounding chiming guitars here. This is a bit like Spaceman 3 or Spiritualized at their most accessible. The song gently makes it way and slowly builds up. Perhaps the drum sound isn’t quite right. They have a raw sound, yet everything … [Read more...]

Saosin – Translating the Name EP

SaosinTranslating the Name EP I must confess that I am a regular visitor (addict) of I mean the site hosts over a million (literally, 1,000,000) bands. You can listen to and even download these bands' songs, completely for free, and LEGALLY! How can you resist the place? Ok, now that the shameless plug is over, the relevance appears. … [Read more...]

The Beatings – The Heart, the Product, the Machine and the Asshole

The BeatingsThe Heart, the Product, the Machine and the Asshole Get this CD and put it in your car stereo, drive around alone, sing along really loud. Put it on while you get ready for the big date. Getting home way too blasted in the early morning? No problem, try The Beatings while you stare at the spinning ceiling. If you just got dumped, pour … [Read more...]

Craig Bennett – Faster Forward

Craig BennettFaster Forward At a glance, Craig Bennett's Faster Forward seems to do with mid-70s Brit rock what Josh Rouse's new release 1972 does for the Steely Dan era (Rouse does a better-than-passable Michael McDonald impression, by the way, though I'm not sure how proud he should be of that). That is, Bennett, who for much of this album sings … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Stop Me if You Think You’ve Heard This One Before…

Various ArtistsStop Me if You Think You’ve Heard This One Before... Compiling a definitive yet concise collection to celebrate the 25th year of Rough Trade Records was never going to be easy. After all, where do you start with a label that has been the past/present home to such diverse acts as The Smiths, The Fall, Aztec Camera, Mazzy Star, The … [Read more...]

Paula Frazer – A Place Where I Know (4-Track Songs 1992-2002)

Paula FrazerA Place Where I Know (4-Track Songs 1992-2002) Despite over a decade of hard work on the periphery of the alt-country scene she has helped to define - firstly with Tarnation and more recently as a solo artist - Paula Frazer is still a hugely under-sung talent. It's only recently that recognition has come her away, often indirectly, … [Read more...]

Avenged Sevenfold – Waking the Fallen

Avenged SevenfoldWaking the FallenSometimes I forget bands like Avenged Sevenfold exist. I like to fool myself into thinking that I live in a world where everyone appreciates the genius of Arthur Lee, and where everyone sits down at their kitchen table with their children and listen to After the Gold Rush or Blonde on Blonde and smile and eat … [Read more...]

Spark of Life – Promises Made, Promises Kept

Spark of LifePromises Made, Promises KeptSpark of Life has succeeded in making a good, although far from groundbreaking album that's a hybrid of all things punk. There' are traces of emo, hardcore, and pop-punk. The addition of melody to this mix makes the album infinitely more enjoyable. The hooks are memorable and the vocals are strong, all of … [Read more...]

Horse the Band – R. Borlax

Horse the BandR. Borlax Spazzcore, hardcore, brutal, often punishing, screaming, guitars always loud, sometimes metal sometimes punk, and a keyboard/synthesizer. Yeah so the keyboard/synth doesn't really match up in the equation, but that's the shtick, and the gimmick that sets Horse the Band (nice name, huh?) apart from most other bands of their … [Read more...]