The Slip – S/T EP

The Slip

The three ladies in The Slip hail from the Gainesville, Fla. area, and this debut EP shows quite an interesting musical direction. The group takes some dream-pop melodies and clearly makes them their collective own. The vocals from Andrea are a little reminiscent of those of Heather Lewis of Beat Happening. Andrea’s vocals share that same laconic yet peppy vocal style and all the charm as well.
“Waste” starts the disc off in powerful fashion with some fast-paced guitar work and vocals that sound like they were recorded in an echo chamber. The vocals seem rather distant, but Andrea’s breathy vocals sound very natural and strong, which works well. Unfortunately the musical shifts distract, and, while sometimes rather interesting, they just come off as flat and predictable. “Chatterbox” continues the disc’s theme of dreamy and slight music with floating and echoing vocals over the backdrop. Andrea proves herself a very talented vocalist and guitarist as she throws off some tasty riffs throughout the song and disc.
This three-piece debuts here quite nicely, though on an occasion the band does try to do a little too much and gets too distracting. Andrea has a lot of talent both vocally and musically, while the combination of Mary and Sarah, on bass and drums respectively, also show they are quite a strong rhythm section. There is still some work to be done, as the songs are rather disjointed at points, sometimes creating a wonderful atmosphere that get interrupted by unnecessary changes in the music. Still this group of girls prove to have a lot of talent, and with some more seasoning they should soon be able to crank out some recordings that catch the ear quickly.