The Remedy Session – S/T

Every once in a while a true and real band comes a long. Their music may not be mind-blowing, but it is not simple either. Whether it’s the down-to-earth and honest way they write their songs or the true desire to just make music, something about that band gives it a special place in your heart. The Remedy Session is one such band. I first heard The Remedy Session about two years ago and instantly took a liking to the band, not because the music blew me away, but because of the genuine lyrics and musical style.
The Remedy Session’s self-titled full-length debut is an emo-pop gem. The intense drumming of Alex Osuna is the perfect balance between thunderous punk rhythms mixed with the fierce, driving beats of post-hardcore. Meanwhile, the dual vocals of Lori Marsh and Chris Polito have just the right amount of pain and classic emo whine. This is to be expected of course, considering Marsh is married to Mike Marsh, drummer for Chris Carrabba’s emo ring-leading outfit, Dashboard Confessional, not to mention the fact that Polito and Carrabba have the same vocal teacher. Apparently, there is an emo school of hard rock! (Bad, bad joke, I know, but it was too hard to resist.)
The Remedy Session’s album ranges from pop-influenced songs, such as the opener, “The Final Failure,” to tear-jerking ballads like “Rescue”: “A window to escape does not exist / welcoming the end with a smile / ashamed I need this drug for a while / you’ve never been much of a friend / a little bit will get me through.” Then there is “Recovery,” my personal favorite, which blends together emo and post-hardcore to create a melancholy tale of death, illness, and lost hope: “I never seem to make it out / guilty conscience coming back / and through it all my patience gone / vice is winning life is lost / your life is lost.” Excuse me while I wipe away the tears….
All of these elements combined make The Remedy Session one of today’s greatest emo bands that has yet to be discovered. Despite having shared the stage with acts like The Anniversary, Hot Rod Circuit, Dashboard Confessional, and Hey Mercedes, The Remedy Session is still nowhere near as widely as known or half as popular as the band should be. It’s surprising that The Remedy Session hasn’t already been snatched up by notorious emo label Vagrant Records. The Remedy Session may not be breaking any new ground, but the band’s dedication and painfully melodic music is almost as good as it gets.