Sonika – Trueman


Lo-fi synth power-pop with the emphasis being the word pop. The mix is clean and sharp, and the female vocals are clear and strong. This sounds like a good fun bad that will shine in the live arena.

The verses are laden with early 80s-style synth riffs while the slightly noisy guitar kick in for the chorus. Singer Jayne (who apparently has her own vocal FX stomp box) sings of fame and the attention of cameras. Perhaps that will be a forerunner to the attention that the band will receive in the future. She wants people to look at her, and they just might when they find out more about her and this band.

These Sydney-siders sound like an Australian answer to Moonpools and Caterpillars. That’s a very good thing indeed. Their self-confessed influences include No Doubt. That gives you an indication of where this band is coming from, but lets hope they don’t pick up any fashion tips from Gwen Stefani.

With hooks big enough to carry a weapon of mass destruction and a beat that insists on the listener to dance like a maniac, this band is really going places if it gets that lucky break. There is an energy here that’s as infectious at botulism. This is fun power pop.