Sekiden – 1 + 1 = Heartache EP

1 + 1 = Heartache EP

Sekiden is a three-piece band from Australia that describes its music as “perfect pop.” Although I can see where the band is going with this compliment, Sekiden falls in the same niche as several radio-friendly American pop bands.
This brief EP features four songs and ends in less than 10 minutes. The opening track “1+ 1 = Heartache” reminds me of Fountains of Wayne, but with less clever lyrics. If someone had told me that this track was a Fountains of Wayne song off the band’s new album, I would wholeheartedly believe it. Sekiden knows that synths and electronic drum beats are catchy, and the band uses these elements liberally throughout this song. The track is a fluffy pop affair with equally trite lyrics such as: “She’s so pretty / I want to take her to the city / Gotta take some painkillers / Painkillers for my heart.”
The second song, “Sloth,” sounds almost exactly like Weezer if not for some keyboard thrown in for good measure. There seems to be two vocalists in this band, and the one who sings on this track in particular might be Rivers Cuomo’s Australian twin. The lyrics seem to be the weakest link in this band. “I’ve been hanging on your couch / and you think that I am slouch / I am the laziest sloth / that you’ve ever laid eyes on.” The vocals on “Mastersystem” remind me of a cross between Social Distortion and the Rentals, while “Sleepyhead” is probably a Weezer song that Rivers Cuomo never wrote. Again, the lyrics are a bit uninspired. “I love you sleepyhead / You’re my dream sleepyhead.”
Perhaps Sekiden’s music is supposed to be medicine to relieve heartache. That is the impression that I gather from the lyrical content of the songs and the picture of an aspirin bottle on the EP. Whether the band succeeds or not is another question. Sekiden makes poppy, catchy music that is unfortunately easily forgettable.