Nerf Herder – My EP

Nerf Herder hopes that the market for young boys that need to hear songs about poop and jerking-off jokes is still out there with the re-release of My EP, previously released on My Records (Lagwagon singer Joey Cape’s label) with re-recorded material and bonus tracks.
What boggles my mind is not that somebody would release this (because people release crap all the time) its that Honest Don’s felt the need to re-release this. There’s that much demand for it? Shouldn’t they learn a lesson from the label that originally released this, and see that My Records folded because they released shit like this?
For a band that has released three albums, there’s been no growth in Nerf Herder’s songwriting, staying firmly in the zone of “things you would read on a middle school bathroom wall.” Take the song “I’ve Got A Boner For X-Mas”: “All year we’ve been in a rut / This time let’s do it in the butt / I’ve got a boner for Christmas.” I assume I don’t even have to comment, you get the point.
The catchiest number on here is “Fight For Your Right to Masturbate,” whose song topic is about the crackdown on masturbating in public. The only reason why should possibly own this is if you make mixtapes and want to put a novelty song on the tape, if and only if you’ve already used Digital Underground’s “Humpty Hump” first.