Matt Singer – SuBLiMaTioN

Matt Singer

Brooklynite Matt Singer’s second release, SuBLiMaTion, delivers a personal slice-of-life, filled with warmth and humor. Mr. Singer’s guitar work stands up to his playful pop- based folk tunes. Several songs clock in at about five minutes, not surprising when you consider the rich detail Singer infuses them with – Ivan Drago, chocolate cake, gelato, Rocky Balboa, hummus, James Van Der Beek, Katmandu are just a few of the references that pop up throughout the album.
The best material here stays true to the folk leanings Singer clearly has, though he slips on a song or two. “Man with a Can” finds Singer doing a rap, a very white boy rap at that. This effort, while clever and with interesting lyrical workings, still manages to fall flat. This is a genre best left to those who know it. Sure, rap has entered every phase of music, but if you’re a folk fan, one of the last things you want to hear is rapping over an acoustic guitar. Singer should stick with his strengths, which lie in telling an interesting story.
“Scary,” a great story about meeting your imaginary dream woman, is typical of Singer’s songwriting style: playful, cheerfully energetic, and humorous. Another example can be found in the lyrics from “In the Way,” (“Daddy, these ladies are so catty, am I still you favorite little fatty boy?”).
The overall rhythm of the album is one of folk-driven, lyrically expressive tunes played by someone who has a feel and a love of what he is doing. Folk music has a way of finding its way back to the forefront. Maybe Matt Singer will be around for some time, or he may trade that acoustic guitar in for a telecaster.