Gatsby – Five Songs EP

Five Songs EP

Gatsby is an unsigned rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that has self-released a slew of material over the past few years, and the band is apparently searching for the right deal to come along before leaping to any label. The music is accessible, easily digestible, and altogether very safe and comfortable.
Gatsby’s brand of rock/pop had its heyday in the early 90s, acting as a foil to the dark textures and growl of grunge. Back then, the other side of “alternative” flourished with the likes of Matthew Sweet, Buffalo Tom, even the Gin Blossoms. Like those before them, Gatsby is flushed with the sweetness, tightness, and cleanliness of rock and roll.
The most immediately rewarding track here is “Moderator,” a standard and catchy mid-tempo song with a hooky chorus. They kick it up a notch with some strained vocals and more urgent riffs. “Donna” is a more somber number, sounding like an anachronistic nod to the emo that clutters the underground and mainstream radio.
Overall, though, this is quite standard and middle-of-the-road. The band certainly has the chops to impress some label boss, but unless there is some risk taking in the future, Gatsby won’t be making any major waves soon.