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The High Planets – Venus

The High PlanetsVenus I wish I had James Brown’s voice because I need to say, “Damn! If that ain’t FUNKY!” My head is swaying from side to side and my feet can’t keep still. I’m already singing along to the song and this is the first time I’ve listened to it! Lots of exclamation marks here … [Read more...]

Sonika – Trueman

SonikaTruemanLo-fi synth power-pop with the emphasis being the word pop. The mix is clean and sharp, and the female vocals are clear and strong. This sounds like a good fun bad that will shine in the live arena. The verses are laden with early 80s-style synth riffs while the slightly noisy guitar kick in for the chorus. Singer Jayne (who … [Read more...]

Star Bag – S/T

Star BagS/T To speak first to the impressive points . . . "Everyone is on the Moon," track two, is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from what a Wayne Coyne composition might sound like without all the majesty of the other Flaming Lips or their space-age production magic. It's slow and sugary with high dreamy vocals and lyrical content to match. As … [Read more...]

Andrew Bird – Weather Systems EP

Andrew BirdWeather Systems EPFormer Squirrel Nut Zippers sideman Andrew Bird has released his fourth album, Weather Systems, which at only nine tracks long still manages to feel expansive, less like an EP than an extended experimental piece. However, despite that experimental feel, melody is what is at its heart. Bird seems to draw as his source … [Read more...]

Sekiden – 1 + 1 = Heartache EP

Sekiden1 + 1 = Heartache EPSekiden is a three-piece band from Australia that describes its music as "perfect pop." Although I can see where the band is going with this compliment, Sekiden falls in the same niche as several radio-friendly American pop bands. This brief EP features four songs and ends in less than 10 minutes. The opening track "1+ … [Read more...]

Love Like…Electrocution – S/T

Love Like...ElectrocutionS/T Love Like...Electrocution, Australia's own spazz princes, are Down Under's answer to bands like Hot Cross and Saetia. They blend screamo and metal in one fucked-up stew and spit the contents in your face, begging for a reaction. LLE are a sextet that uses all of their members to their full potential. Like the … [Read more...]

Ipanema – Je Suis Un Baseball Bat vs. Skull EP

IpanemaJe Suis Un Baseball Bat vs. Skull EPIpanema is the latest project brought to you by Wiz, former member of Mega City 4, Doughboys, and Serpico. His new band takes a more direct approach than any of his previous ones, and though there may only be two tracks offered here, the results thus far are promising. Wiz manages to maintain a style … [Read more...]

Christiansen – Stylish Nihilists

ChristiansenStylish NihilistsI would not be at all surprised if Christiansen managed to be one of the next bands to break out and gather some mainstream exposure. Ask the band if being a part of the mainstream is all that desirable and the guys might point you towards the aptly titled fifth track, "The Middle Finger." "Wrap your arms around the … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Urbs in Horto: A Chicago Indiepop Compilation

Various ArtistsUrbs in Horto: A Chicago Indiepop Compilation Ah, the compilation CD. Usually a smattering of unrelated tracks burned onto a disc for the purpose of giving the listener "options," it often also gives that listener 15 reasons to only listen to the albums I, I mean you, already own and not to trust Q or CMJ ever. Okay, truthfully, … [Read more...]

The Slip – S/T EP

The SlipS/T EP The three ladies in The Slip hail from the Gainesville, Fla. area, and this debut EP shows quite an interesting musical direction. The group takes some dream-pop melodies and clearly makes them their collective own. The vocals from Andrea are a little reminiscent of those of Heather Lewis of Beat Happening. Andrea's vocals share that … [Read more...]