The Tyde – Twice

The Tyde

And suddenly it’s 1982 all over again, in a good way if that’s possible, where The GoBetweens are eking out their musical magic from London, soft two-part popsicle harmonies drape themselves languidly over the airwaves, and the sun slinking over the horizon is just the day beginning to open up to possibilities. “I can remember how I used to make you laugh,” or so the song goes, and we’re in The Tyde world now, where at least we can dream of the way we’d hoped it could turn out.
But, fuck, I was only 7 in 1982, so it makes no sense at all that Twice makes me feel nostalgic. Hell, the promo suggested Highway 61-era rampages yet if anything it’s via Marc Bolan’s mouth and pants, well-pronounced vocals telling it all – lies, sex-laden misunderstandings and mornings after. Darren Rademaker (also of Beachwood Sparks) combines his Bolanesque delivery with Robert Forster’s sense of dark and lust-driven flair, “I need to love her” lyrics all desperate with a chorus of well-wishers to reassure him, “it takes a lot of trying.”
But is it any good, you bastard? Well, it’s not bad, which is a lot these days. It’s unabashedly retro, fuzzwop guitars bleeding psychedelica all over the place, crossing three decades of a never-ending summer of love and hate, but it’s not revolutionary, no reworking of California myth as drug-scarred Hollywood whore den. Still, when you’re hanging out on Venice Beach waiting for Jim Morrison to reappear with the drugs he promised you, The Tyde could well be your soundtrack. Just stay away from the brown acid.