The Receiving End of Sirens – S/T EP

This is the first release from this Boston five-piece whose average band members’ age is that of someone right out of high school. They have a pretty common sound and edge but actually do it better than a lot of bands out there. The guitars are very comfortable in a softer setting just as they are in a setting where they get the chance to release some tension and anger. As a young band, there is room to grow and add some of their own touches and flare to their creation, but at this point they do have a marketable sound.
This demo starts off with a very intriguing powerful song in “Shirtsleeves” that really has some great guitar playing. The guitar has a slight metal/punk edge to it and here it works absolutely perfectly. Singer Ben Potrykus also has a very nice performance here as his melodic vocals are full of life and cancel out some of the out-of-place screaming that deprives a little of the enjoyment on this track. The closing track, “The Race,” ends this sampler very nicely with some good loud soft dynamics and powerful guitar performances again. Potrykus’ vocals stretch out of his range, but it’s not that much of a detriment and the anguished screams work better in this setting.
This is a pleasant beginning for a band that, with a little more polish, could turn out a strong product. I could imagine someone giving this band a chance and see what happens as the music would have much more power backing it in better conditions. The vocals and guitars are more up front here, and it’s hard to distinguish much else, but the melodies soar and they hit the right spot enough of the time. It’s what is to be expected from a post-hardcore/emo band, but it’s done well, and with some more maturity, the originality could shine. This is a promising record, and fans of the genre should give this band a chance.