The New Trust – We are Fast-Moving Motherfuckers. We are Women and Men of Action. EP

The New Trust
We are Fast-Moving Motherfuckers. We are Women and Men of Action. EP

The New Trust is an indie rock super-group of sorts, featuring Josh Staples of the Velvet Teen, photographer extraordinaire Sara Sanger, and Benton Falls frontman Michael Richardson (and rounded out by “boy magnet drummer” Julia Lancer).
This EP does showcase a few instances of decidedly emo tendencies, most noticeably during “All Things Are Moving Toward Their End,” with the noodling dual guitars and syrupy-sweet piano rhythm and all. As a whole, though, this EP is generally not as distinctively rooted in the style as one might expect, especially considering Richardson’s presence. The songs here lean more towards the upbeat side of being down, somewhat like the Alkaline Trio material that Dan Andriano writes. As a matter of fact, Staples vocals are reminiscent of Andriano’s voice on the opener, “This Invitation Has Meant the World to Me,” a super catchy little ditty with a surprising bit of piano backing to it.
Don’t let all this talk about ‘catchy’ and ‘upbeat’ send the wrong impression, however. The New Trust does show flashes of attitude, from the lyrical content of “Don’t Even Get Me Started on Jebus” (“But there’s a topic we can’t touch / Because to so many, it means so much / But to me it don’t mean shit / Don’t even get me started on Jesus / You won’t like what I have to say / Fables and fiction / Pure superstition / A fairy tale to waste your days away”) to the abrupt and unexpected ferocious break towards the end of the somewhat anti-war anthem, “I’m a Sucker for Backwards Drums,” where Richardson and Staples spit forth venomous growls responding to a call for motivation (“How ’bout your fucking head on a stick? Now get moving!”).
All in all, these six songs add up to a short (14 1/2 minutes) but solid excursion that’s well worth seeking out for fans of this sort of thing.