The Fight – Home is Where the Hate Is EP

The Fight
Home is Where the Hate Is EP

In the beginning, I must admit my skepticism regarding the Fight and their legitimate probability of making a worthwhile contribution to the punk scene. My skepticism was quickly dispelled with the first spin of their current EP, Home is Where the Hate Is. The Fight was discovered through a completely chance meeting with New Found Glory frontman Chad Gilbert, who passed the band’s demo along to punk rock tycoon Fat Mike of NOFX and Fat Wreck Chords fame.
Putting my faith in Fat Mike, I was suprised to find that these kids (the eldest of the quartet is only at 18 years of age) could actually play their instruments. Seeing such young faces on the cover, you expect equally underdeveloped performances, but it was astonishing to hear such talent from artists at such a nubile age. Home is Where the Hate Is comes complete with immaculate guitar solos that actually serve the songs as well as the rolling, harmonious growl of the lovely frontwoman K8! who reinvents the street punk snarl.
The songs are all submerged in the typical teenage ubonics and Lavigne-esque mispellings that have become prerequisites for this perfect fit for the Van’s Warped Tour. The songs toy with slight hints of top-40 sensibility while still maintaining a street-punk vibe strong enough to out-wrestle street veterans Rancid.
The Fight is in a wonderful situation right now, being signed at such an early stage in the musicians’ lives. The music shows great potential for becoming excellent socially aware punk rock. At this time, though, most of the songs are about just having fun or hating your home town, which is okay because that is what they should be concerned with. Eventually, the Fight will grow into the punk scene and evolve with it, decyphering the cunundrum of the punk scene’s depth.
Although most punk songs aren’t incredibly introspective and poetic little ditties fraught with pretentious, artsy lyrics, it still has that odd senses of depth through social awareness and action. It will be fun to watch the Fight grow into the great shoes handed to them and follow the band as the musicians discover the punk scene and eventually reinvent it. Bottom Line: the Fight has great talents and is still developing in an ever-evolving scene with the potential of becoming something truely unique for the punk community.