Restraining Order – Five on Blue EP

Restraining Order
Five on Blue EP

The fundamental elements of noteworthy jazz and funk music has primarily been strong musicianship across the board, with many equally necessary factors stemming from this foundation. Restraining Order is a broken equation with potential of being equaled out and becoming something momentous, but in its current permutation the band is lacking crucial integers to make their recording cohesive.
The guitars and vocals are where this chain is its weakest. Five on Blue is being created in the mindstate of a genre that requires an experienced and technical guitarist, but these recordings don’t provide the listener with such attributes. The guitar playing on this EP is too far below complicated, yet too high above incredibly simple. The musicians reside in a basic equilibrium of mediocrity. At moments you can tell the guitarist has the ability to do something great, and I found myself rooting from him to just tear a song apart and actually play, but I lay waiting in vain.
In an awkward light, the guitar fades to the back of the production and becomes to much a part of the rhythm section, an utter foil to its rightful duties. Incidentally, it leaves the extremely apt saxophone with a totalitarian rip of the EP’s melody. Even with regard to studio recordings, the gurus of these chosen genres are very susceptible to jamming their songs and letting them live and breath. Restraining Order unfortunately neglects this aspect of the genre on this recording. It becomes painfully apparent when the record is finished and this conceptually jam album with five tracks clocks in at a near total of under 15 minutes. The lack of the contents’ length and flavor are a reflection of the strength and comprehension of Restraining Order. The true heroes have the drive and ability of improvise, but this particular recording is irrationally short.
Despite these apparent short comings of Five on Blue, Restraining Order is a promising outfit with a novice understanding of their capabilities. They embody an exceptional potential for a home on contemporary pop radio but have yet to develop and utilize the tools necessary to cultivate the splendid bounty of success.