Pale Sunday – A Weekend with Jane EP

Pale Sunday
A Weekend with Jane EP

A Weekend with Jane is the first offering by Pale Sunday on Matinée Records. Pale Sunday are a trio from Brazil that creates sweet, melodic pop songs, and they’re more influenced by Britain than their homeland. This band proudly wears 80s British pop influences on their sleeves. Pale Sunday is unafraid to write shy-guy pop songs, and they do it well without seeming insincere or annoying. The band’s music could easily fit alongside bands on the Sarah or Creation records rosters; only the slight Brazillian accents give the band away.
The band members came up with the name “Pale Sunday” on a cloudy day, and this reflects the type of music they make. This brief EP clocks in under 15 minutes and flies by quickly with its four sensitive, pretty pop songs. Pale Sunday pens light, melodic tunes touching upon crushes and other lovelorn-related topics. This is especially evident in the opening title track of the EP. “A Weekend with Jane” is a song about loving someone from afar and being too shy to do anything about it. Luis Gustavo earnestly sings, “I want her to be mine, but I only know her name.” The song features pleasant male vocals, pretty jangly guitar parts, and soothing backing vocals. The rest of the EP follows suit and has a overall similar and cohesive feel. A Weekend with Jane contains sweet songs that would probably irritate people who might find Pale Sunday too naïve and trite, but the band succeeds in making enjoyable, breezy pop music.
I particularly enjoyed the hidden track at the end of the EP, which is a stripped-down, acoustic affair. A simple song is left on the answering machine of a girlfriend. Despite the lo-fi sounding quality of the song, the charm of Pale Sunday shines through with Gustavo’s voice and guitar. Overall, this EP is worth checking out for fans of gentle pop music.