Liberty Ship – Northern Angel EP

Liberty Ship
Northern Angel EP

Liberty Ship hails from Nottingham, England and creates a brand of pretty pop music that is pleasant but not particularly exciting. Marc Eltson, former lead singer of Bulldozer Crash, and his musical cohorts construct familiar sounding songs on The Northern Angel EP. These songs sound like they could have been released in the 80s rather than earlier this year.
The title track, “Northern Angel,” is a beautifully crafted pop song and is deservedly the opening tune for this EP. It’s a sparkly sounding song, lushly orchestrated with appealing guitar parts, pretty female backing vocals, and tasteful harmonica bits to accompany Eltson’s lead vocals. This is a very catchy song in a good way, the kind of song that you enjoy getting stuck in your head. After this excellent song, the EP goes downhill a bit and fails to retain my interest. This band grows on the listener, but just barely, only after giving the EP several repeated listens..
The lyrics in the song “This World” remind me a bit of The Lucksmiths with the wordplay of the chorus “trying not to care, trying not to try.” The instrumentation in this song is great with crashing cymbals, shimmery guitar sounds, and an aura of spaciness. “The Final Kick” starts off slow but redeems itself toward the end by picking up the pace with faster drumming while Rachel sings lead with a cool, distanced voice. What bothers me about this track is that it passes itself as too easy and likeable. This song comes uncomfortably close to being generic “soft rock” music that could pass off as any other average song heard on radio stations championed by Dick Clark, but it fares slightly better. The final track on the EP, “Small Lives,” sounds pleasant enough, but it moves along too slowly for my taste.
The Liberty Ship musicians are quite accomplished and possess the talent to create beautiful, delicate pop songs, but on the other hand the songs are a bit boring. They have decent lyrics but the slower songs fail to keep my interest. Now if they wrote more songs in the vein of “Northern Angel,” the music would be more memorable. I hope the band will move in this direction in the future.