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Vincent Bergeron – Le Meneur Détraqué et les Pions Agités vs la Distance Infranchissable

Vincent BergeronLe Meneur Détraqué et les Pions Agités vs la Distance InfranchissableThis song, which roughly translates to "the ruined leader and agitated pawns vs the insuperable distance" (or something like that), is a touch agitated and insuferable. Bergerson's decidedly un-rock n' roll-looking website has nicely … [Read more...]

America is Waiting – The Virus is Airborne

America is WaitingThe Virus is AirborneThis band’s website totally looks the goods - you should check it out. It has a diatribe of intent that would make Shakespeare proud. Their introductory words almost make you want to rise up and bring on the revolution right now. Can their words of intent and clenched fist motivation possibly be matched by … [Read more...]

The Great Depression – Unconscious Pilot

The Great DepressionUnconscious PilotA great American writer once declared that a large part of what makes good writing is its possessing the intangible quality of being able to reach out to its audience and teach them how to read that particular piece of writing. The idea being that as one discovers a work, the work simultaneously informs the … [Read more...]

Saloon – If We Meet in the Future

SaloonIf We Meet in the Future Reading, England's Saloon offers, on its second album, If We Meet in the Future, a collection of insistent, snaky melodies and quiet, minor-key vocals. Lead singer Amanda Gomez sounds almost exactly like the Sunday's Harriet Wheeler, and if you want to get a sense of Saloon's sound, imagine the Sundays taking a slow … [Read more...]

The Tossers – Purgatory

The TossersPurgatory No matter how many banjoes and tin whistles are crammed into an album, infusing traditional Irish music with speedy punk can no longer be tagged unique, innovative, or otherwise "fresh." The Pogues started it in the 80s, Dropkick Murphys made it mainstream in the 90s, and a whole slew of others, from The Real McKenzies to … [Read more...]

The Moore Brothers – On & Out

The Moore BrothersOn & Out There are certain kinds of music that lend themselves to cloudy/rainy days. For me, it's usually something soft or melancholy, something soothing and unobtrusive enough that I can tune it out, but engaging enough so that if I want to listen, it holds my attention. Usually it's something Like Velour 100's Fall Sounds, … [Read more...]

Jenny Choi – Oceanside – Expresso Cafe, CA – 2003-08-13

Jenny ChoiWhere: Oceanside - Expresso Cafe, CA.When: 2003-08-13This concert was a low-key, intimate affair at a small café in Oceanside, California. Jenny Choi set up the national “AIR” (Asians in Indie Rock) tour to showcase several Asian American bands involved in indie music. The point of this tour was to give recognition to the Asian … [Read more...]

Liberty Ship – Northern Angel EP

Liberty ShipNorthern Angel EP Liberty Ship hails from Nottingham, England and creates a brand of pretty pop music that is pleasant but not particularly exciting. Marc Eltson, former lead singer of Bulldozer Crash, and his musical cohorts construct familiar sounding songs on The Northern Angel EP. These songs sound like they could have been released … [Read more...]

Local H – The No Fun EP

Local HThe No Fun EP If you ever thought the gloss and polish of major label contracts and hi-tech recording studios didn't quite suit the amped-up garage grunge sounds of Local H, you now have a chance to prove yourself right or wrong. After four full-lengths released via major labels, the band has gone back to the smaller and more independent … [Read more...]

The Hookers – S/T

The HookersS/TThe Hookers (Spencer Moody, Dann Gallucci, Andrea Zollo, and Derek Fudesco) was, according to the Cold Crush website, a band for six months that recorded eight songs finally seeing the light of day. This is notable for several reasons. Three-fourths of the Hookers would go on to form the Murder City Devils. After that band's demise, … [Read more...]