Ticker Tape Parade – You’re Causing a Scene

Ticker Tape Parade
You’re Causing a Scene

It’s interesting to see the influence that the emo/pop movement has had on rock in general, and vice versa. In recent years, both genres have crossed over to create something new in the process (some would argue that this offspring isn’t a “good” new thing, though). Over the course of this exchange, some rock groups have sprung up with a bit more sheen and live intensity, while some emo bands have begun to glitter in the gleam of the broader pop universe. On the other end of the spectrum, unfortunately, there are a slew of bands that fail miserably at their attempts in either direction. Luckily for the cynical, there are a few bands that are able to muster out something more than mere facsimile riffs and choruses.
Ticker Tape Parade – a tight knit, five-piece from Phoenix, Arizona – most definitely falls on the rock side of the tracks; however, this group is best exemplified by its emo/rock crossover status. Opening for acts like The Promise Ring and Jimmy Eat World has surely given this rock group a little extra skip in its step as these fellows peddle through all six songs on this release with an abandon that will likely make similar bands green with envy.
“Sore Eyes” opens this disc with a slam-bang, head-nodder of a melody following directly behind the talent of a band confident with its place in the world. This “area of existence” might turn some folks off, though. One doesn’t have to look too hard to find a band that falls under this mixed-up combo category these days. At the same time, “Sore Eyes” shows off the soaring vocalization of the group to great effect (more rock stylin’ than emo whinin’).
“Here it Comes” shows off a different, lighter side of the group as the instrumentalists tone things down with a slightly melancholy tenor. At the same time, this isn’t the Red House Painters so don’t expect an abundance of dreariness. Even when these guys are playing the sad game they seem to be enjoying themselves.
What is most striking about Ticker Tape Parade – despite playing a fairly trendy and unoriginal style of music at the moment – is that these fellas appear to have grander ambitions than the average melodic rock or emo troupe. It should be interesting to see where these folks go on their next recording excursion. If they can somehow burst beyond the borders of genre the music world might be in for something special.