The Travoltas – Endless Summer

The Travoltas
Endless Summer

Novelty Band Name of the Week. Indeed it’s Novelty Song of the Week with this surf-punk band who evidently doesn’t take themselves too seriously. This band know their way around a tune and the vocals are good and they sing funny lyrics with a good chorus.

With things slightly tongue in cheek, this mid-tempo number with buzzing guitars answers that all-important question: what would the Ramones have sounded like if they had formed in San Francisco in 1962? Well we’ve all been wondering that, and so The Travoltas have finally answered that question for us.

It’s all west coast sunsets, pursuits of the perfect wave, and cuddling up to your girl around the fire on the beach. So it would be a bit of a surprise that the band actually comes from Amsterdam! Not that that matters. This is great power-pop that will be the perfect soundtrack for your personal surfin’ safari.