The Razorcuts – A is for Alphabet EP

The Razorcuts
A is for Alphabet EP

Gregory Webster must be enjoying himself these days, with reissues of his old band, The Razorcuts, coming out, as well as music from his new band, Sportique. Matinée records has led this Razorcuts revival last year with the excellent R is for Razorcuts album, a compilation of rare tracks from their long out-of-print singles and albums. Following up on the album’s success comes the A is for Alphabet EP, which features one album track and four non-album tracks.
The EP starts off with the title track, which is a good example of the Razorcuts sound and of British pop bands during the 80s. The track features beautiful jangly guitars, earnestly sung vocals by Webster, great harmonies, and sharp lyrics. This song sounds lush and full with the help of extra instrumentation and backing female vocals. “Snowbound” is a standout track in terms of lyrics. The Razorcuts excel in creating pop songs that reveal a great depth of emotion. “Snowbound” conveys longing and loss of love, which is romantic but not embarrassingly so. The remaining tracks are stripped-down demos that showcase the band’s brilliance for pop songs, despite the lack of polish.
Webster’s limited vocal range may deter some at first, but it seems to grow after repeated listens. All the songs are sung so honestly that his imperfect voice adds to the Razorcuts’ charm. This EP is a nice addition for the Razorcuts completist or can serve as a good introduction for the beginning Razorcuts listener. Let’s all just hope that more labels are interested in reissuing bands like The Razorcuts, so that wonderful songs will not fall into obscurity.