Superjaded – Big Since I Was Little

Big Since I Was Little

The four-piece band Superjaded follows the recent musical trends by pumping out some nu-metal/rap combination. This stuff is rather bland, and after a while it just starts to grate at the nerves. The band members decide to jump around stylistically, which makes for some interesting tunes, but it also leads to the overall disjointed feeling the music and disc gives off. The music occasionally hits a groove and becomes rather interesting like the lead-off track, yet it doesn’t keep that momentum going.
This disc starts off with “Sumthin,” a sludgy nu-metal/hip-hop feel with strong drumming and some actually attractive vocals and just strong powerful music. Its quick pace actually makes it rather appetizing. “Mountain,” however, throws off some clichéd riffs and rather annoying scratching from the DJ; it just doesn’t fit or work in any context that would seem conceivable. “Acid Army” throws in some heavier metal leanings here plus a popping bass right out of the Les Claypool instruction manual, an instrumental that gets old quickly.
I always wonder when some of these up-and-coming bands will understand that after a while it isn’t worth beating a dead horse like rap-metal. Even when done well this stuff isn’t that appealing to anyone who has gone through puberty, it just becomes extremely aggravating like “Rise.” Much of this disc follows this formula and it just becomes really grating. It all seems so clichéd already, and it’s rather painful to hear over and over. It’s hard to talk about some of these songs on here as though the members of Superjaded may really be trying hard, but there isn’t much new or intriguing on this disc.
This disc just exemplifies the problems with the whole nu-metal/rap genre, as it may not have much relevance anymore, like any trend to come before or after it. This stuff just seems to lack the energy or creativeness that makes a lot of music vital. The members of Superjaded may want to change their musical approach here or hope for a lucky break to get their shot at the mainstream, which it appears is the goal they have set for themselves here. This disc may have a few mediocre moments on it as it jumps around musically, but this happens way too briefly, which is unfortunate.