Design – Thang


Is it possible to be too funky? Well for James Brown there probably isn’t, but Design has things so funky that you can not possible sit still. Design would even have white kids’ dancing look good.

Design’s music would be ideal for the party. Turn it up to get the dance floor going, or have it turned down to set a chilled vibe. Either way, this deal is ideal. Tell you what though, it’s difficult to not want to play this loud. Your neighbours are going to call the Anti-Funk Police

The samples borrow a lot from what seems like 70s funk. All those funky bass lines are deep and sexy. This is perfect to get people partying. You close your eyes and the music transports you to some cool party where everybody is too cool.

When listening closer, I guess I am left wanting more. The groove and vibe are excellent, but perhaps some better structuring of the beats is required. It’s a minor quibble, as this does such an excellent job at what it’s tying to do.