Blueline Medic – Text Bomb

Blueline Medic
Text Bomb

Fueled By Ramen is known for putting out tightly produced, solidly performed, hook-laden indie rock. Blueline Medic – the latest in a long line of rockers for the label – is definitely no exception. Though this troupe doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre (surprise, surprise, eh?), it manages to throw together a smile inducing mixture of emo, punk, and rock that, if nothing else, turns out to be fine summer listening.
On the whole, the music cascading forth on this charming full-length comes across as dynamic pop with a slight retro 80s edge to it. Imagine if the middle-era Jawbreaker combined forces with The Smiths. Sound intriguing? Well, this group, if nothing else, comes up with a slew of interesting and enjoyable melodies, all the while not steering too far in either direction of its influences.
“Sleepyhead” and “Cotton Oriental Pants” begin the record with a bang as the band – slightly British style vocalizations and all – works hard to convey whimsical feelings of bliss and happy summer days to its potential audience. This makes sense as the group’s sound is excellent material for a laid-back evening listen. While there are slight melancholy undertones throughout the album, the music, overall, comes off pleasant and trite.
“They’ll Let You Know” switches the mix up a bit as Blueline Medic slows things down to a snail pace. Here, the band offers a glimpse of its talent of creating a variety of tempos and tones. This wide range of writing keeps things fresh and free throughout the entirety of the disc.
The rest of the record exudes similar feelings. Basically, if you are a fan of intricate pop/rock with an emo/punk twist then Blueline Medic should be exactly what the doctor ordered in this blazing summer of 2003.