All Parallels – You Won’t Feel a Thing EP

All Parallels
You Won’t Feel a Thing EP

Ladies and Gentlemen, get your umbrellas and raincoats ready because DJs and VJs alike will be pouring from the mouth for an opportunity to air All Parallels. The happily sadistic guitar hooks and wonderfully infectious lyrics of this Boston-based trio take on some of the most dark and adult situations typically not media-friendly to the mainstream outlets but presents them in such a sunny palette of post-hardcore happiness that their presence on the air will soon be unavoidable. With their current single “Marrow,” they display their skill for writing serious songs with serious content that is excellently delivered, yet they also have a humorous side featured in the hysterical songs “Nymphomaniac” and the tongue-in-check opus “Load a Gun and Kill Me.”

There is an undeniable presence with “Marrow,” featuring perfectly delivered lyrics from bassist and vocalist Larry Chiswick that are brilliantly written. The chorus is undeniably catchy and was stuck in my head for weeks on end. It is hard to imagine that with power like this on ALL tracks of this EP they have yet to be picked up by a major label, which is exactly where they belong. Being backed by a major label would only help prove to the world one thing that is commonly mistaken, that pop music can have a pair of BALLS!

All Parallels takes bits and pieces from pop rockers like Smash Mouth and Sugar Ray, but adds the missing ingredients of heavier guitars and some sack. Just because something is heavy doesn’t disqualify it from the pop arena and AP shows this possibility with unwavering confidence. This band governs the speakers with an iron fist and a velvet glove, showing extreme discipline with hardcore and punk-influenced guitar, yet evenly balanced with sunny, poppy guitars and elegant choruses.

I would hate to be in their shoes when selecting singles because absolutely every track they have is a worthy candidate. Many popular music artists only have one song that is good, proceeded by 14 or so other tracks of total crap that in no way stand up to the single. Although, in AP’s case, I can say confidently that they have a breath taking single with an entire arsenal of equally bad-ass music behind it. All Parallels is one of those few bands whom I honestly feel could not release a bad song. Prepare yourself because sooner than later All Parallels will be kings of the airwaves and their worthy, infectious twist on post hardcore will be inescapable, and rightfully so.