A.18 – foreverafternothing


Southern California’s straight-edge hardcore super group, A.18, featuring former members of genre favorites Outspoken, Instead, and Chorus of Disapproval, are some of the most passionate and intense performers around. The very values that their music represents is from a community that embraces strict self-restraint, refusing consumption of intoxicants as well as good old intercourse. Their name alone sets the tone, A.18, an abbreviation of Amendment 18. This was the amendment to the US constitution that instated Prohibition and the outlaw of alcohol.

This passion of conviction and worthiness translates beautifully in A.18’s live performances, but unfortunately, when transferred to tape, the magic was lost somewhere in the mix. When performing material from foreverafternothing in the flesh, the content is new, alive, and fresh, but when listened to on a CD, it quickly becomes dated and poorly over done.

I can allow slight admiration for the recording when the guitars make up their mind and fly through wonderful punk riffing, but the admiration spirals down the drain when they change to grade-school metal riffs. On the last awesome lap of this downward spiral of guitar, I can’t help but think that these boring metal riffs were stolen from a first-year guitar player’s four-track.

Metal and punk crossovers have been very popular and rightly so. There are many bands out there that can do it well, but A.18 needs to just make up their mind. This all of course sounds harsh, and it slightly hurts to write it all because they have an excellent live presence, breathing a warm new life into the material, but revision is in dire need to make that translate in the studio. Perhaps a live album should be next on the agenda. I mean, hey, it saved KISS.