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A Day in Black and White – Artillery

A Day in Black and WhiteArtilleryA bunch black t-shirt wearers who want to scream and not being content to have their guitars turned up to 11, they instead turn their amps up to 666. Claiming to be experimental hardcore, I can hear the hard and the core, but the experimental doesn’t seem to be evidenced. If they are experimenting, I can’t hear … [Read more...]

GCP – Gotta Get

GCPGotta GetThis sounds very smooth and something to play to set the mood when you invite that special someone over to your place. The beats are glossy, slow and deep, and the singing is about, ‘doing it over and over again.’ A simple little piano motif is the backbone of the song. It’s the sound that the piano leads that sets the mood for the … [Read more...]

Helicopter Helicopter – Wild Dogs with X-Ray Eyes

Helicopter HelicopterWild Dogs with X-Ray EyesBoston's Helicopter Helicopter is probably sick as all hell of having to read review after review comparing their brand of earnest pop rock to hometown heroes The Lemonheads, but one listen to "Helicopter Fight Song," the first track on their new LP, Wild Dogs with X-Ray Eyes, makes the comparison … [Read more...]

Drive Til Morning – S/T

Drive Til MorningS/T "You're at the center of my world, at the center of my universe. Will you stand there with me?" asks Francis Garcia of Drive Til Morning on "At Center of the Universe." Unfortunately, at the center of Garcia's universe wait clashing guitars and endless, repetitive arpeggio. Garcia is a veteran of rock bands (including Pop … [Read more...]

Brendan Benson and the Wellfed Boys – Metarie EP

Brendan Benson and the Wellfed BoysMetarie EP Metarie is a little gem of a five-track EP from Detroit-based artist Brendan Benson and his touring band, The Wellfed Boys. The title track is offered in two versions (track one is the "wellfed version"; track two is the "UK version"). The second has a slightly trippier feel to it, but both explore the … [Read more...]

Pesky – An Effort to Do Good

PeskyAn Effort to Do Good I kind of cringed when I looked at the cover art for An Effort to Do Good by Pesky. I know that the quality of album art does not necessarily correlate to the quality of music, but the clashing combination of hot pink, yellow, and electric blue squares on the cover failed to excite me. Based solely on the cover, I was … [Read more...]

The Like Young – Art Contest

The Like YoungArt Contest After releasing a five-song EP, Looked Up Plus Four, The Like Young has released a full-length that fulfills much of the promise heard on their shorter release. Art Contest contains 11 short and rocky tunes that will please the ears of Weezer fans the world over. Basically, every single song is good. While the sound of … [Read more...]

The Legends – There and Back Again EP

The LegendsThere and Back Again EPHow many years have passed since the beginning of the rock revival? Two? Three? The initial wave included, as you know, The Strokes, White Stripes, and Hives. To rehash the back-to-basics rock blueprint the "The" bands followed (and continue to) seems pointless, but I ask you to remember the emphasis on Rolling … [Read more...]

Ima Robot – Public Access EP

Ima RobotPublic Access EPThis is one of the newer signings to the big-time record labels (Virgin), and though I can't say the music is predictable, the quality of it sure is. This five-piece band is made up of some session hands, one of which is drummer Joey Waronker who played with the likes of REM, Beck, and so many more. The band has a sound … [Read more...]

Possum Moods – S/T

Possum MoodsS/T For the record, I am not one of those reverse music snoots who believes that bad production means good music or that music recorded in someone's basement somehow has more integrity or authenticity than music recorded at Huge Corporate Studio. I try hard not to quote trite or elitist opinions taken from the Indie Rock Bible. "Thou … [Read more...]