The Silence Kit – Fifty Things to Do

The Silence Kit
Fifty Things to Do

This is a slow build-up melodic lo-fi serving from The Silent Kit. It’s very much the kind of thing that you listen to late at night while alone in your bedroom when you’re depressed – seem to get a lot of that round here. The subject matter here is of being alone with one’s thoughts.

Sparsely plucked guitars, a slow rhythm section, and flat depressing vocals gives way to the chorus when the guitars get turned up a bit with the equally slow rhythm section and even more depressing vocals.

Usually I give songs a few listens when I’m reviewing , but I didn’t want to listen to this song again. Not because it was bad or anything, but it had a real downer vibe about it and I just didn’t want to go down there with it. So if that’s what they wanted to achieve they hey, I guess they succeeded. It just left me with an empty feeling inside.

If I was an actor and had to prepare for a really intense gloomy scene then I would listen to this. this is real suicide soundtrack, this stuff.